Roosevelt Institute Statement on the Passing of Ady Barkan

It is with deep sorrow that we at the Roosevelt Institute express our condolences on the passing of Ohad “Ady” Barkan. Ady’s unwavering commitment to justice, compassion, and progressive values inspired us all.

In the face of personal adversity, Ady exemplified resilience and courage, becoming a beacon of inspiration for advocates across the nation. His tireless efforts in the fight for a more equitable economy through his leadership at Fed Up and his fights for healthcare reform and social justice, even as he battled ALS—all of this showcased Ady’s dedication to a better, more equitable world. His life will forever resonate with those who had the privilege of witnessing and participating in his transformative work and his legacy as a cofounder of Be a Hero.


Ady Barkan with his family at the 2023 Four Freedoms Awards on September 23, 2023.


As we mourn the loss of this remarkable individual, we also celebrate his undeniable impact. Just one month ago, the Roosevelt Institute honored Ady with the Freedom from Want award for his advocacy at our annual Four Freedoms Awards. As Senator Elizabeth Warren stated during this event, “Ady inspires us with his perseverance, with his perspective, and with his grit. Millions of Americans across this country owe Ady a big ‘thank you.’”

“Ady Barkan was an amazing fighter and extraordinary human being. I am grateful to have known and honored him. His life reminds us all to give everything we can,” said Felicia Wong, president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute.

Ohad “Ady” Barkan was a true champion of justice, equality, and the betterment of humanity. Our thoughts are with his wife Rachael, children Carl and Willow, and the rest of his family and friends—as well as all those who were touched by his extraordinary life.


Ady Barkan, (far right), Freedom from Want laureate alongside fellow 2023 Four Freedoms Laureates, Tracie Hall, Dr. Walter Earl Fluker, and the Honorable Nancy Pelosi at the 2023 Four Freedoms Awards on September 23, 2023.