Keesa McKoy headshot

Keesa McKoy

Digital Director


As digital director, Keesa is responsible for all elements of digital strategy, including the Roosevelt Institute website, email marketing, social media, digital advertising and acquisition, and, in collaboration with the development department, digital fundraising.

As Roosevelt’s digital director, Keesa McKoy is responsible for all digital strategy, including Roosevelt websites, email, and social media channels. Prior to Roosevelt, she worked for small and large higher-ed and nonprofit organizations developing or supporting their communications strategies, both internal and external, and leading large digital campaigns and projects. Her approach to communications uses a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens, and at its core, tries to humanize and impact people and their engagement with organizations in a more personal and equitable way.

Rooted in her experience as an immigrant to the US from the island of Jamaica at the age of 13, she is a fierce advocate and agent of change for educational and economic equity and opportunity for all disadvantaged people.

Outside of work, she was one of the lead organizers of Boston Young Black Professionals, an organization with the goal of improving the social, professional, and material experiences of black professionals in Boston, for about four years. She is also half of the dynamic duo The Black Bookworms, a hobby she started during the COVID-19 pandemic with her then 4-year-old daughter, in which they share and read children’s literature by Black authors and authors of color.

She holds a BA in media studies from the City University of New York-Hunter College and an MS in broadcast journalism from Boston University’s School of Communication.