Sanjay Pinto headshot

Sanjay Pinto

Fellow, Worker Power and Economic Security


As a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, Sanjay Pinto’s research focuses on understanding the workings of racial capitalism in contemporary corporate surveillance and public benefits systems and on strategies for increasing investment and creating more equitable delivery models within the social care arena.

Sanjay Pinto, PhD, codirects the program on unions and worker ownership at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations and is a senior fellow at the Center for Urban Economic Development at the University of Illinois Chicago and a fellow at the Worker Institute at Cornell ILR. He has worked as a researcher for the Southern Poverty Law Center, the AFL-CIO, and SEIU and has consulted with a broad range of worker justice and philanthropic organizations.

For the past several years, much of Sanjay’s research has focused on approaches to building grassroots worker voice and power, including cooperative enterprises, tech-enabled labor organizing, and survivor-led strategies for confronting workplace sexual harassment. He sits on the advisory committees of Citizen Share Brooklyn, the Model Alliance, and the Real Utopias collective and is part of Solidarity Resource, which creates training tools to support the building of organizations that advance economic democracy and racial justice together. Pinto has a BA in sociology from Amherst College, an MSc in development studies from the London School of Economics, and a PhD in sociology and social policy from Harvard University.