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In the latest installment of his series “Breaking Through the Jobless Recovery,” economist William Lazonick challenges the assumption that shareholders are the only ones taking risks in a business — and therefore deserving of rewards. Want to solve the mystery of the American economy’s current employment and competitiveness problems? Take a close look at the current corporate obsession with

Richard Kirsch takes on the myth that what is good for the pocketbooks of major corporations is also good for jobs. Spinmeisters for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Republican politicians like Speaker John Boehner like to call businesses “the job creators. ” But what every American knows, if he or she thinks about it,

Why deficit spending is a good thing until it becomes inflationary. Nine times out of 10, Joe Stiglitz is on the right side of the issue. But his response in a recent exchange with our own Lynn Parramore highlights a problem that progressives need to consider in the debate on fiscal stimulus: Lynn Parramore: People

Henry Liu demonstrates why FinReg, however well designed, cannot be counted upon to prevent future market failures. A rule of finance: All trading models buy safety by externalizing risk to the trading system. There is an invisible, but solidly anchored assumption in all structured finance and derivative trading models — namely, that a systemic collapse

Will a rescue package bring regional recovery and stability? Or will it expose the EU’s  underlying weaknesses? Much depends on what Greece can do with the funds in the event of a default. As you may have heard, a 110 billion euro rescue package for Greece was announced in an effort to prevent a Greek

William Lazonick explains how insurance executives are gaming the system to increase their personal profits instead of investing in patient care. Among the most powerful and vociferous opponents of health care reform are the executives of publicly listed health insurance companies and their lobbyists. The prime concern of these executives is that, by ensuring that

Marshall Auerback explains why the deficit hawks have it all wrong — and why Obama must stop legitimizing their faulty logic. Last Friday, Mr. Obama and the GOP staged the equivalent of a British Parliamentary Question Period in front of the TV cameras. It showed the quick-thinking, articulate President at his best. Unfortunately, the subsequent

Feel like you’re working harder than you used to? It’s not in your head. Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a more than 6 percent increase in worker productivity (in business; over 5 percent in manufacturing). In theory, more productivity means more wealth and a healthier economy, right? Roosevelt Braintruster Henry C.K. Liu says,

Is a Democratic administration and a Democratically controlled Congress presiding over one of the most regressive wealth transfers in history? Roosevelt Institute Braintruster Marshall Auerback investigates. State and local governments have been forced into draconian budget cuts, firing workers who are among the most reliable in making their mortgage payments–when they have jobs: firemen, policemen,

May 15

What you need to know to navigate today’s economic debates. GM Is Said to Send Termination Notices to 1,100 U.S. Dealers (BLM) GM is working to pare U.S. dealers by 42 percent, to 3,600, by the end of next year. Chrysler asks to cut 25% of US dealers (FT) Chrysler requests permission to walk away