The American ideals of democracy, opportunity, and equality can only be upheld if our government structures the economy around us, the people. Yet today’s labor market and economic structures produce a vicious cycle of inequality and political and economic oppression that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

A stronger, more prosperous, and more equitable America requires broadening political and economic power and correcting our legacy of exclusion (racism, misogyny, and other social and economic hierarchies). We believe that the government is responsible for the well-being of all its people and must use its capacity to set and enforce economic rules that build worker power and provide essential goods and services–from higher education to health care–directly. The Worker Power and Economic Security program aims to advance the case for policies and public goods that enable Americans to set the terms of their participation in the economy on a fair and even playing field, democratizing our 21st century economy.

Worker Power and Economic Security Staff

Alí R. Bustamante

Deputy Director, Worker Power and Economic Security

As Deputy Director of Roosevelt’s Worker Power and Economic Security program, Dr. Bustamante, leads research on democratizing the 21st century economy and centering equity across America’s institutions.

Hiba Hafiz


As a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, Hiba Hafiz researches and writes about policies that can increase worker power and reduce economic inequality.