Alí R. Bustamante

Senior Research Associate, Southern Economic Advancement Project

As Senior Research Associate, Alí R. Bustamante works toward broadening economic power and building a more equitable future through policy analysis and stakeholder engagement focused on the American South.

As Senior Research Associate at the Roosevelt Institute, Alí R. Bustamante conducts policy analysis and stakeholder engagement that broadens economic power and brings attention to how race, class, and gender intersect with social and economic policy in the South. Bustamante collaborates with policymakers, scholars, and community leaders to solve complex social and economic challenges through innovative research, big data, and stakeholder cooperation.

Prior to joining Roosevelt, Bustamante served as chief economist at the Louisiana Workforce Commission (formerly the Louisiana Department of Labor) and as faculty at Florida International University and Loyola University New Orleans. Alí earned a PhD from the University of Miami, specializing in political economy.