Fall Webinar Series

This year, we’re offering more support for your ideas generation than ever before. We’ve provided suggested trainings below that you should complete before, during, and as you work to make your ideas a reality.

10 Ideas
Key 10 Ideas deadlines are bolded in the list below. The following trainings can be accessed via our training database LOFT. Reach out to a member of National Staff if you do not have a login to the platform.

Thinks2040 Training Late August/Early September
Re:Public/Intro to Roosevelt Policy Training Early September
Problem Identification Training Mid September
Policy Research Training Late September
Intent to Submit Opens: September 24
Ideas Workshop at Chapter Early October
Policy Writing Training Mid October
Intent to Submit Closes: October 31
Chapter Writing Workshop Early November
Chapter Editing Workshop Mid November
Final Submissions Due: November 30


In addition to these trainings, National staff and Policy Coordinators will be hosting a set of webinars to equip you with the skills to produce strong ideas.

Introduction to Policy Writing
This webinar introduces 10 Ideas 2019 and walks through every step of writing a policy memo. Join the Roosevelt Network’s Jade Wilenchik and student Policy Coordinators Aden Muhammad, Clara Harter, Manon Steel, and Aditya Krishnaswamy as they walk you step-by-step through every stage of writing for 10 Ideas, and answer any questions you might have. Watch here.

Introduction to Financialization Webinar
Higher education is in a state of crisis. Public funding for schools is decreasing. Tuition and fees are rising. Students continue to shoulder the burden of these trends, collectively taking on nearly $1.5 trillion in debt. Yet institutional leaders are pouring billions of dollars into risky financial investments and expensive amenities — actively prioritizing monetary gains over affordability and educational quality.

Join the Roosevelt Network’s Fernanda Nogueira and Roosevelt fellow Julie Margetta Morgan as they host an introduction to the issue of financialization of higher education and lead a discussion on how to identify the ways it is affecting your campus – and what you can do about it. Watch here.

Introduction to Policy Research Webinar
The backbone of any solid policy proposal is sound research.This means understanding academic databases, primary and secondary sources, etc. but more importantly it means understanding how to work with a community and talk with people on the ground personally impacted by the policy you’ve identified wanting to change.

Join the Roosevelt Network’s Nicole Annunziata as she walks you through the beginning stages of primary and secondary research, including how to begin the necessary task of coalition building and outreach. This training will be especially helpful for those may have less experience undergoing an independent research project. Watch here.

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