Roosevelt Network Welcomes Emerging and Forge Fellow Classes of 2024

June 17, 2024
Anthony Thomas
(202) 412-4270

NEW YORK, NY – The Roosevelt Network is proud to announce two new cohorts of exceptional students joining its 2024 Emerging and Forge Fellowships, bringing into the policy world a new generation of leaders committed to shaping progressive policies and advancing social justice. The two new cohorts, comprising 40 total students (15 Emerging fellows and 25 Forge fellows), represent a wide range of universities, backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the newest cohorts of Emerging and Forge Fellows,” said Robert-Thomas Jones, the training and field manager for the Roosevelt Network. “These bright minds represent the future of policy innovation and activism, and we are excited to support them as they embark on their journey to drive positive change.”

About the Fellowships:

  • The Emerging Fellowship, a yearlong program, welcomes junior and senior undergraduate students from all over the country who are ready to make a lasting impact in policy research and writing. Guided by seasoned mentors and Roosevelt Institute staff, fellows will delve into critical issue areas such as corporate accountability, worker power, climate justice, and racial justice. This fellowship is focused on place-based work and encourages students to focus on important issues facing their local communities. Fellows will complete the program by crafting and publishing a policy brief aimed at addressing a policy dilemma in their community. Previous topics include uplifting worker cooperatives in Colorado and investing in historically Black universities in Maryland.
  • The Forge Fellowship pays homage to the legacy of Reese Neader, a Network member and passionate advocate for civic innovation and progressive change. Named in his honor, this fellowship acts as the entry point for students into the Roosevelt Network and empowers students to develop core policy, research, and leadership skills. Forge Fellows embark on a transformative six-month experience, gaining a deeper understanding of their role in the progressive movement and engaging in policy discussions that bring neoliberalism and its alternatives into focus. Fellows will also receive mentorship from the Roosevelt alumni community and a professional development curriculum.

“A huge welcome to both of the new cohorts!” said Katie Kirchner, national director of the Roosevelt Network. “The progressive movement needs young people and both of these fellowships provide the training and mentorship opportunities that are needed for our future leaders to succeed in the confusing field that is policy work. With a shared commitment to Roosevelt’s vision of a just economy and multiracial democracy, these fellows will undoubtedly help to drive progressive change.”