Headshot of Ira Regmi

Ira Regmi

Program Manager, Macroeconomic Analysis


Ira Regmi is the program manager for the Macroeconomic Analysis program at Roosevelt, where they support the team’s work on fiscal and monetary policy, unemployment, and growth to ensure an economy that works for all.

As program manager for the Roosevelt Institute’s Macroeconomic Analysis program, Ira Regmi supports the think tank’s work in reimagining macroeconomic policy to ensure an inclusive economy that works for all. Ira conducts in-depth research and data analysis and provides project management support within the macroeconomic analysis team. Ira’s recent research includes exploring the causes and responses to inflation, profiteering within the fast-food industry, and the civil rights movement’s fight for full employment.

Originally from Nepal, Ira previously worked as a financial journalist in India, where they lived for seven years. Ira holds a BA in economics from Delhi University and a master’s in international affairs from Columbia University. They also have a background working in migration and international development, with a focus on gender and social inclusion.