In Network 2.0, NETWORK is both what we are and what we do.

We are a collection of intergenerational changemakers, united across geographic and demographic differences by our shared Rooseveltian desire to rebalance power in our economy and our democracy.

We do this through programs, events, and initiatives that bring our members into deep community with one another: mentorship; Affinity Groups and Professional Pipeline Communities; and events like Hyde Parks, happy hours, panels, and more.

Professional Pipeline Communities are a cornerstone of how the Network networks!


What are Professional Pipeline Communities?

Launched in Spring of 2023, our Professional Pipeline Communities will help you advance your career by connecting you to the vast well of experience and knowledge that exists among fellow Roosevelters. Built on the foundation of our shared Rooseveltian worldview, the Professional Pipeline Communities will be the place to come for networking, job postings, and preparation for professional milestones.

Our Professional Pipeline Communities are:

  • Academia & Law
  • Movement Organizations (including Think Tanks, Advocacy Orgs, Movement Groups, Nonprofits)
  • Government (including the Foreign Policy Task Force)
  • Campaigns
  • Media