Camille Kidd

Advocacy and Policy Associate

Katy Milani

Director of Advocacy and Policy

Emma Oppenheim

Director of Advocacy and Policy

Steph Sterling

Vice President of Advocacy and Policy

Michelle Sternthal

Director of Advocacy and Policy


Kendra Bozarth

Managing Director, Communications

Matt Hughes

Editorial Manager

Alice Janigro

Communications Associate

Greg Kaufmann

Journalist in Residence

Tayra Lucero

Graphic Designer

Victoria Streker

Senior Digital and Design Associate

Ariela Weinberger

Senior Manager, Media Strategies


Marie Avetria

Deputy Director, Grant Writing

Juliette Kang Stableski

Vice President of Development

Lauren Karagianis

Senior Development Associate, FDR Library

Camilla Lopez

Development Associate

Tiara Peele

Salesforce and Systems Administrator

Trish Prunty

Chief Development Officer, FDR Library


Dominique Bravo

General Counsel

Ariel Evans

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Jeff Krehely

Chief Operating Officer

Camellia Phillips

Senior Vice President of Operations

Felicia Wong

President & CEO


Katarina Duplessy

Chief Financial Officer

Liam Finnerty

Finance Associate

Jessica Li

Senior Finance Associate

Shannon Smith

Director of Finance

Human Resources

Sonia Ares

Deputy Director of Human Resources


Nicole Annunziata

Senior Program Associate

Katie Kirchner

National Director, Roosevelt Network

Fernanda Borges Nogueira

Senior Network Program Manager

Eamon Ross

Program Associate

Jade Wilenchik

Network Policy Manager

Think Tank

Nell Abernathy

Vice President of Strategy and Managing Director, Climate and Economic Transformation

Alí R. Bustamante

Research Associate, Southern Economic Advancement Project

Andrea Flynn

Director, Health Equity

Sarah Beth Gehl

Research Director, Southern Economic Advancement Project

Debarati Ghosh

Managing Director, Think Tank

Abby Gondek

Scholar in Residence, FDR Library

Rhiana Gunn-Wright

Director, Climate Policy

Suzanne Kahn

Deputy Director, Great Democracy Initiative and Education Program

Kristina Karlsson

Senior Research Associate

Mike Konczal

Director, Progressive Thought

Elisabeth Lindemuth

Executive Assistant to Bo Cutter

Julie Margetta Morgan

Vice President of Research

Anna N. Smith

Research Associate

Sophia Spriggs

Operations Associate

Todd Tucker

Director, Governance Studies