Staff and Fellows

The Roosevelt Institute’s staff and fellows are committed to building a better future—for all. Meet our staff and fellows below.

Executive Team

Lisa A. DeRoché, Chief People & Equity Officer

DeDe Dunevant, Senior Vice President of Communications

Katarina Duplessy, Chief Financial Officer

Ariel Evans, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Board Liaison

Marissa Guananja, Chief Programs Officer

Juliette Kang Stableski, Senior Vice President of Development

Felicia Wong, President & CEO


Trisha Maharaj, Advocacy and Policy Manager

Joseph Miller, Senior Advocacy and Policy Associate

Michelle Sternthal, Managing Director of Advocacy and Policy


Sonya Gurwitt, Senior Editorial Associate

Matt Hughes, Deputy Director, Editorial Strategy

Alice Janigro, Senior Associate, Communications and Media Relations

Keesa McKoy, Digital Director

Ariela Weinberger,  Deputy Director, Media and Internal Communications


Marie Avetria, Director of Foundation Relations

Lauren Karagianis, Development Manager and Head of Membership, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

Tiara Peele, Deputy Director of Salesforce Administration

Eamon Ross, Senior Salesforce and Systems Associate

Kerry Sesil, Director of Development

Danica Stewart, Individual Giving Senior Manager


Liam Finnerty, Finance Manager

Jessica Lei, Accounts Payable and Finance Associate

Fharhan Rahman, Associate Director of Finance

Shannon Smith, Managing Director of Finance

Willie Vega, Controller

Human Resources

Sonia Ares, Director of Human Resources

Mariana Olalde, Human Resources Associate



Alyssa Beauchamp, Deputy Director, Roosevelt Network

Robert-Thomas Jones, Training and Field Manager, Roosevelt Network

Katie Kirchner, National Director, Roosevelt Network

Alex Trefftz, External Relations Manager

Elijah Wilson, Policy Associate


Sophia Spriggs, Senior Operations Associate

Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP)

Genny Castillo, Regional Engagement Director

Frededreia Dunham, Communications Manager

Maria Filippelli, Data Director

Sarah Beth Gehl, Executive Director

Emily Roberts, Outreach and Digital Associate

Think Tank

Alí R. Bustamante, Deputy Director, Worker Power and Economic Security

Ivan Cazarin, Research Associate, Corporate Power

Lew Daly, Deputy Director, Climate Policy

Emily DiVito, Senior Program Manager, Corporate Power

Isabel Estevez, Deputy Director, Industrial Policy and Trade

Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Director, Climate Policy

Suzanne Kahn, Managing Director, Research and Policy

Kristina Karlsson, Senior Program Manager, Climate and Economic Transformation

Mike Konczal, Director, Macroeconomic Analysis

Elisabeth Lindemuth, Executive Assistant to Bo Cutter

Niko Lusiani, Director, Corporate Power

Sunny Malhotra, Research Associate, Industrial Policy and Trade

Eric A. Paul, Program Manager, Power Building Initiative

Ira Regmi, Program Manager, Macroeconomic Analysis

Sylvia Ruiz, Director, Power Building Initiative

Shahrzad Shams, Program Manager, Race and Democracy

Todd Tucker, Director, Industrial Policy and Trade


David Arkush, Fellow

Mehrsa Baradaran, Fellow

Deepak Bhargava, Senior Fellow

Justin Bloesch, Fellow

Bo Cutter, Senior Fellow

William “Sandy” Darity, Senior Fellow

Hiba Hafiz, Fellow

Darrick Hamilton, Senior Fellow

Jee Kim, Fellow

J.W. Mason, Fellow

Saule Omarova, Senior Fellow

Lindsay Owens, Fellow

Lenore Palladino, Fellow

Adrien Salazar, Fellow

Jonathan Soros, Senior Fellow

Aaron Sojourner, Fellow

Joseph Stiglitz, Chief Economist and Senior Fellow

Rich Stolz, Fellow

David B. Woolner, Senior Fellow